2016 State Questions Compendium

It's pretty clear that, in Oklahoma, the 2016 election is about two things: presidential candidate hoopla and the seven state questions. With less than a week until the election and early voting already under way, it's hard to believe that anyone has yet to make up their mind about these issues. However, these are complicated issues with far-reaching implications which may not be immediately clear to the average person, and we want to help with that.

Fortunately, there's a ton of resources out there to help voters understand each of the state questions so that you can cast a well-informed vote. Each of the following resources present summaries of the measures along with:

  • The 2016 Oklahoma Voter Guide is arguably the best-known and most widely-distributed resources. It contains really great breakdowns on all the state questions as well as some answers to frequently asked questions about the election. You've probably seen this guide in the local newspapers and on newsstands. 
  • The Let's Fix This State Questions Explained For Regular People contains a brief summary of each question as well as summaries of the arguments by supporters and opponents. 
  • The Oklahoma Policy Institute 2016 State Question Guide offers a 2-page summary of all seven measures as well as individual, in-depth PDFs about each state question. 
  • And last but not least is Ballotpedia, which bills itself as "The Encyclopedia of American Politics," has a page on the Oklahoma state questions and links to more in-depth info about each one.

We encourage you to read each of these guides and discuss the issues with other people. There are a lot of opinions on each of these, but the cool thing about democracy is that you get to decide for yourself what feels right and vote according to that. 

If you want to ask other questions, feel free to send us an email or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook

Now, go on and rock that vote

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