Join the LFT Board of Directors

This past Saturday was our annual board retreat, and it was fantastic. Staged in Verbode's beautiful downtown office space, we began the day with a recap of the past year and then moved into our strategy session. Tons of great ideas about how we act our our mission - educating and equipping Oklahomans to engage with their government. 

As we worked to identify our target audience, someone used the term "politically curious," and it was like mental lightbulbs went on throughout the room. That term describes most of our board when we started this organization - people who were not particularly involved in politics, but who were curious about it. We saw that things were a mess, and at a time when some people were tuning out from the news at the State Capitol, we couldn't help but tune in. 

As we move into our second full year as a "real" nonprofit organization, we are seeking to fill a few spots on our board. If you're interested in joining, submit your application between now and 7/31. The board plans to review the applications and make decisions at our August meeting. 


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