Podcast Ep. 46 | You're in charge while I'm gone (feat. Dana Murphy & Matt Pinnell)


As the primary run-off nears, we're joined by Republican candidates for Lt. Governor, Dana Murphy and Matt Pinnell, to discuss their perspectives on what that position actually does and their plan for it, should they be elected. Listen below:

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Question of the Week

It was announced this week that SQ798, which would amend the state constitution to allow the Governor and Lt. Governor to run as a single ticket (like the President/Vice President) beginning in 2026. Do you feel this is a good, bad, or something else? Let us know via email or Twitter!


  • These candidates bring very different skill sets and experiences to the race:

    • Dana Murphy is from a rural area and has been a Corporation Commissioner for 10 years, working directly with the legislature and other state leaders.

    • Matt Pinnell is from the Tulsa area and is a small business owner, but has worked for the Republican party at both the state and national level.

  • We'll let yo u listen to both interviews and form your own opinions on the candidates' positions.

  • Reminder that these are just the candidates in the Republican primary run-off for this position. We hope to have the Democratic nominee, Anastasia Pittman, join us on the podcast soon so that you can hear her thoughts on these same questions.


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