Podcast Ep. 64 | 2019 Predict-O-Rama


We're joined by Krystal Yoseph to discuss Governor Stitt's first Executive Orders and cast our predictions for the 2019 Oklahoma legislative session. 


News Articles


  • OK Policy Annual Budget Summit:

    • State will have more money to spend, but most of it is already allocated.

    • Lots of discussion about expanding Medicaid, even from Republicans

  • 2019 Legislative Predictions & what bills we’re watching

    • HB2328 - deals with use of excessive force by law enforcement

    • SB592 - requires protests/rallies at the Capitol to get a $50,000 bond

    • HB2094 - makes it a misdemeanor to disrupt the Legislature

    • HB2214 - Bans teacher walkouts

    • HB1413 - Holds lawmakers responsible if they author laws that are ruled unconstitutional

    • HB2456 - Bans conversion therapy with children

    • HB1269 - Makes SQ780 retroactive

    • SB102 - Raises minimum wage to $10.50/hour

    • HB2597 - allows anyone over the age of 18 to openly carry a firearm without a license

  • There will be more listed in our official Predict-O-Rama contest, will be released this week. Sign up for our Newsletter to get the announcement first!

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