2019 Legislative Agenda

Let’s Fix This Releases Legislative Agenda

Non-partisan group focused on making change to Oklahoma’s voting laws

OKLAHOMA CITY (Jan. 29, 2019) — Let’s Fix This, a non-partisan nonprofit that educates and equips Oklahomans to actively engage with their government, is releasing its first legislative agenda for the first session of the 57th Oklahoma Legislature.

Executive Director Andy Moore said that after three years of helping folks meet their legislators and navigate the hallways of the capitol, it’s time for the organization to take a much larger stance on specific voter-focused issues.

“We’ve been hearing from Oklahomans from every side of the aisle that there’s a need to help fix the basic fabric of our democracy, starting with elections,’ Moore said. “We’re going to champion issues like automatic voter registration, making elections more accessible & convenient for voters, and even opening up primary elections so that every Oklahoman can vote for whichever candidate they support the most.”

The mission of Let’s Fix This has not changed. In fact, the organization will be more focused than ever – giving Oklahomans more information, helping them get more involved in the political process, and helping them become greater advocates for the causes they support.

“We’re not abandoning our base mission of helping Oklahomans become more involved in and aware of Oklahoma politics. That’s the heart of what we do,” Moore said. “But the need to get more voters to the polls, more folks involved in the election process in our state, is overwhelming. Let’s Fix This can be the catalyst.”

The agenda:

·         Automatic voter registration

·         Same day voter registration

·         Expanded early voting days/times

·         Consolidated election days

·         Elimination of straight-party voting

·         Open primaries

·         Independent redistricting

·         Subject the legislature to the Open Records Act

A more detailed explanation of each agenda item can be found on the Let’s Fix This website.

Let’s Fix This began three years ago with a simple idea from Moore that if enough people felt encouraged to visit with their legislators, some positive changes could occur. After creating a Facebook event one evening and inviting his friends, Moore witnessed interest in the event skyrocket to nearly 600 people.

“Let’s Fix This will continue to host our Capitol Days events each month during legislative session and provide advocacy information and training for organizations and individuals,” Moore said. “But if we’re going to really effect change in our state, Let’s Fix This must focus our efforts on specific actions to create change. Our 2019 legislative agenda is that action.”

To learn more about Let’s Fix It, check out the website at https://www.letsfixthisok.org/


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