Podcast Ep. 78 | Legislative Update and Texts with Mom (with Effie Craven and Jason Dunnington)

Episode Description

Special guests Effie Craven and Rep. Jason Dunnington join the show to discuss where the legislature is with various bills and what it's like to text their moms.

News Roundup

  1. Senate confirms Patrick Wyrick to federal district court (NonDoc)

    1. US district judge for the Western District of OK

    2. Presidential candidate commentary

  2. Discussions planned to reach compromise over mineral rights legislation (Journal Record)

    1. OIPA - Yea; OEPA - Nay

  3. Uncertainty over how state’s settlement with Purdue Pharma will impact other lawsuits (Frontier)

    1. Are counties and municipalities out in the cold due to the state’s settlement?

  4. We don’t know why it came to this (WaPo)

    1. White women dying at alarming rates

    2. It’s not just opiates

  5. A National Atlas of Neighborhood Change (CityLab)

    1. Just play with these maps

Legislative Recap

  1. Criminal Justice Reform

    1. What has been done?

    2. What is left

    3. SQ 780 retroactivity?

  2. COLA

    1. HB2304

    2. 2% instead of 4%

  3. Education

    1. More guns in schools?

    2. Leftover food?

    3. Education tax credits

  4. Health care

    1. Step Therapy reform: HB 2638

    2. Medicaid expansion?

    3. Optometrists in stores

  5. Budget

    1. Education budget by April 1?

    2. Teacher pay raise?

    3. $200m to savings or agencies?

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