Podcast Ep. 80 | Government overreach!

Episode description

From map data to prison data, from county government feuds to former legislators back in the news, from Medicaid expansion plans to a ban on bans, we've got a little something for everyone this week!

News, Articles, & Show Notes

Stitt would absolutely oppose Medicaid expansion ballot initiative (NewsOK)

  • But he can’t veto it…

  • The people are for it

Wayne Greene does the math on...everything (Tulsa World)

  • Series where he goes through agencies budget proposals

  • Most recently on the prison system

    1. 1,079 per 100,000 vs 600 per 100,000

    2. National average would put us at 15,327 fewer people in prison and save (conservatively) $100 million a year

Gov. Stitt signs bill to prohibit cities from banning or taxing plastic bags and other containers (Tulsa World)

  • “Over regulation, manufacturing jobs and consumer freedom”

Michigan must redraw congressional and legislative maps (Detroit Free Press)

  • Coming soon to an Oklahoma ballot near you…

Two Oklahoma County officials trade accusations (NewsOK)

  • What part of the county SHOULD sheriff's patrol

Lawsuit claims Oklahoma FSAA director threatened farmers (NewsOK)

  • When the hell did he get back in OK??

Pruitt Watch

CD5 Race

  • State Sen Stephanie Bice

  • Terry Neese

  • Mick Cornett??

  • Bueller….Bueller??

Legislative Recap

  • HIV Education

    • HB1018

    • Passed

  • Consent as part of sex ed

    • Passed

  • Environmental self-policing (HB1003)

    • Passed

  • Optometrists?

  • The budget…still pending


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