Podcast Mini-Series: Criminal Justice Reform

Series Description

Criminal justice is always an important, hot button issue in our state. In fact, Oklahoma incarcerates more people per capita than anywhere else in the entire world. During this series we talk with subject matter experts, policy analysts, a criminal defense attorney, and a state legislator to find out how we got here, what our criminal justice system looks like, and how we can make it better. A good part of our discussion centers around two key ballot initiatives - state question 780 that passed in 2016 and state question 788 that passed in 2018. These measures were enacted into law not by the legislature, but by the people of Oklahoma, illustrating that voters understand this is important and they want to see this issue improve.

Episode 1: Let’s Start with the Data

This is the first episode in our three part series on the criminal justice system in Oklahoma. We're joined by policy experts Damion Shade & Ryan Gentzler to lay a foundation of data about the Oklahoma criminal justice system, how we got here, and why things are so bad. Listen below:

Episode 2: Fines, Fees, and Fallacies

This is the second episode in our three-part series about criminal justice reform in Oklahoma. In this episode, local defense attorney Brian Jones walks us through each of the steps involved in the typical criminal legal process, including details about the many, MANY fines and fees, as well as some of the big fallacies most people people believe about how the legal system operates. Listen below:

Episode 3: Reforming the Law

This is the third episode in our three-part series about criminal justice reform in Oklahoma. In this episode, we speak with state Representative Garry Mize about the legacy of state questions 780, 781, and 788, and what the legislative path to meaningful criminal justice reform might look like. Listen below: