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Preparing for the Primaries

We believe that there should be more to political campaigns than commercials, mailers, and knocking doors. In particular, we believe that those who seek statewide office should be required to stand on a stage with their opponents and in front of a audience of voters and answer questions about specific issues that they will face if they are elected.

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It's time to Save Our State

Yesterday we joined more than two dozen nonprofit and professional organizations to announce the Save Our State budget plan. This three-year budget blueprint is far more than just the gimmicky fixes that the legislature often passes - this plan puts Oklahoma on a real, sustainable path to prosperity. It steers us away from more devastating budget cuts and allows us to actually invest in education, public safety, healthcare, and transportation.

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2016 State Questions Compendium

It's pretty clear that, in Oklahoma, the 2016 election is about two things: presidential candidate hoopla and the seven state questions. With less than a week until the election and early voting already under way, it's hard to believe that anyone has yet to make up their mind about these issues. However, these are complicated issues with far-reaching implications which may not be immediately clear to the average person, and we want to help with that.

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