Fixers are official members of Let's Fix This. They are the people who help support the organization both in word and in deed. Fixers come to Let's Fix This events when they can, yes, but they also actively promote the organization and its values throughout Oklahoma. Fixers are beacons of democracy; a resource to our organization and to their community. 


Quite simply, becoming a Fixer is a declaration that you are committed to helping fix things in our state. You want to be more involved, more hands-on, more knowledgeable. You want to have skin in the game. You want to know your state legislators and city council members, and you want them to know you, too.  

Aside from just being your awesome self, being a Fixer comes with some perks, too. Everyone who joins the Fixers receives the following:

  • Personalized membership card
  • One (1) Let's Fix This 4" round bumper sticker
  • One (1) 2.5" round classic Let's Fix This button (individually numbered & with special Fixer designation)
  • Two (2) 1" round Let's Fix This mini buttons
  • A handwritten thank-you note from our Executive Director or one of our board members.
  • Early access & discounts on new Let's Fix This merch.
  • A sense of personal pride and unity with all the other Fixers. 
  • Arguably, some prestige.
  • Maybe even some fame (Admittedly unlikely. It's not like we're Kardashians.)
  • Other surprise perks that we make up as we go along.

Additionally, you'll be invited to special Fixers-only events throughout the year. These may be happy hour events, networking events with legislators, Capitol tours, West Wing Watch Parties - you just never know!