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Let’s fix this, first.

Let’s be honest - there’s a whole bunch of stuff we’d like to see fixed in Oklahoma. But when we looked at some of the things that create the very fabric of our democracy, like elections, that seems like a pretty good place to start.

  • Automatic voter registration. Registering to vote shouldn’t be hard. In fact, it could be done automatically. Eligible voters should be automatically registered to vote when they turn 18 years old and renew their driver’s license. It shouldn’t require an additional form that you have to manually fill out and mail in.

    • Related bills currently under consideration:

  • Same day voter registration. If, by some chance, an eligible voter isn’t registered at the time of an election - like if they just recently moved to the area - we think they they should be allowed to register right there, on the spot. They should be allowed to register with the local polling official and then cast a provisional ballot, salute the flag, and march on home, full of patriotic pride knowing that they did their civic duty.

  • Expanded early voting days/times. As Oklahoma grows in population and more and more people want to do their civic duty and vote, lines at the polls keep getting longer and longer. While we already have early voting available, often those lines are prohibitively long, too. We think early voting should be expanded to a full week prior to Election Day so that every Oklahoman has adequate opportunity to cast their ballot.

  • Consolidated election days. Somewhere in Oklahoma has an election nearly every month. They happen so often and seemingly so randomly, it’s hard to keep track, even for political nerds like us. We believe elections should be consolidated and scheduled no more than quarterly, being held on the first Tuesday after the first of the month in the months of February, May, August, and November.

  • Elimination of straight-party voting. To some, straight-party voting can be confusing. To others, it can be unfair. We believe that both are probably true, ad moreover, voters should be required to color in the box for each candidate individually. They ran a hard race, they deserve our effort.

  • Open primaries. Current Oklahoma law allows the political parties to determine who gets to vote for their candidates in primary elections. But wait, aren’t these elections paid for with all of our tax dollars? Why do private groups get to say who gets to vote? We think everyone should be allowed to vote for whichever candidate they feel is most qualified for the position, regardless of the voter’s party affiliation (or lack thereof).

    • Related bills currently under consideration:

      • HB1026 (nonpartisan elections for county sheriff)

      • HB1153 (authorizes counties to make county elections nonpartisan)

  • Independent redistricting. Every ten years there’s a national census, and that data is then used to redraw Congressional, state, and municipal districts. Currently, Oklahoma law allows the party in power to draw the districts. That’s just asking for trouble. We believe redrawing of districts should be done by an independent commission.

    • Related bills currently under consideration:

  • Subject the legislature to the Open Records Act. Did you know that every state agency is subject to the Open Record Act except the state legislature? That’s right - when the law was passed, they exempted themselves. They’re paid with our tax dollars and they decide where our tax dollars go - surely they’ve got nothing to hide. We believe the law should be amended so that all state entities - including the legislature - have to comply.

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