Press Release: New Political Movement Encourages Citizens to Speak Up

New Political Movement Encourages Citizens to Speak Up

OKLAHOMA CITY (April 26, 2016) — This Wednesday, April 27 2016, a nonpartisan gathering of citizens is occurring at the state Capitol, organized by Oklahoma resident Andy Moore. “Let’s Fix This” aims to give people a voice with their legislators amid concerns over the state budget crisis.

Room 412A on the fourth floor of the Capitol has been secured on Wednesday thanks to Representative Jason Dunnington and his staff from 8:30am-9:30am and again from 12:30pm-1:15pm. Donuts, coffee, and bagels will be provided

“This is a day for us regular folks who care about our state and our communities to take some time off of work and actually meet face-to-face with our state legislators about the state budget crisis. We've all been complaining about stuff on social media long enough; now let's have the conversations in person.” said Moore. “The state may be broke, but we are not broken - there are a lot of totally reasonable, common-sense solutions for increasing revenue available. We just need to encourage our lawmakers toward them.”

The movement began with a simple thought from Moore that if enough people felt encouraged to visit with their legislators, potentially some positive changes would occur in policies and budget solutions. After creating a Facebook event one evening and inviting his friends, Moore witnessed the interest in the event skyrocket to nearly 600 people with at least 200 pledging to come. The event stirred the interest of the Oklahoma Policy Institute, a nonpartisan policy think tank, which further increased enthusiasm from the public.

Moore stresses that the event isn't a rally but rather a group outing, especially helpful for those who've never been to the Capitol before or who don't feel comfortable speaking to their representatives. Attendees to the event can expect "a bunch of regular folks just like you, who care deeply for the future of this great state" says Moore. "You can expect to meet some new people, it'll be relaxed and fun." If nothing else, Moore hopes that this movement will inspire more active participation from the public in politics.

For more information on Let’s Fix This, visit the facebook event:

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