Press Release: Let’s Fix This Kicks Off Series of Capitol Events for Everyday Folks, Legislators




Let’s Fix This Kicks Off Series of Capitol Events for Everyday Folks, Legislators

Non-partisan group helps Oklahomans navigate the hallways of the Capitol

OKLAHOMA CITY (Feb. 14, 2017) — Tomorrow morning dozens of Oklahomans will step foot in their state’s capitol, many for the first time ever. That’s thanks to Let’s Fix This, a non-partisan group that encourages everyday Oklahomans to reach out to their legislators and get involved in what’s happening at Capitol.  

The next Capitol Day begins Wednesday, Feb. 15 at 9 a.m. in room 412A at the Oklahoma State Capitol. People from all political parties – or no political affiliation - are welcome to attend.

Andy Moore, executive director of Let’s Fix This, hopes to encourage all Oklahomans to begin a conversation with their legislators about issues that matter to them.

“Oklahoma politics is more unpredictable than ever, which makes it more important for all citizens to voice their concerns to their legislators,” Moore said. “Our events are non-partisan – we’re not here to support certain issues – we’re just helping folks find their way around the Capitol and encouraging them to let their representatives and senators know what matters to them.”

For those who can’t meet at the capitol during the work day, a Capitol Crawl is planned from 5-9 p.m. at several pubs and restaurants on Uptown 23rd. Citizens can come meet with legislators in a more relaxed setting.

The Let’s Fix This organization began last legislative session with a simple idea from Moore that if enough people felt encouraged to visit with their legislators, some positive changes could occur. After creating a Facebook event one evening and inviting his friends, Moore witnessed interest in the event skyrocket to nearly 600 people.

“We’re looking forward to encouraging more engagement from the public in what happens at the Capitol,” Moore said. “Everyday citizens can make a difference, just by contacting their legislators and voicing their opinions about the issues.”

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