Press Release: Citizens Head to Capitol to Voice Concerns Over State Revenue

Citizens Head to Capitol to Voice Concerns Over State Revenue

Members of Let’s Fix This Host Second Capitol Event of 2017

OKLAHOMA CITY (March 22, 2017) — This morning a passionate crowd of Oklahomans is gathering together at the State Capitol to encourage their legislators to pass measures that address the state’s revenue problems.

Nonpartisan group Let’s Fix This is hosting the day-long event to help everyday citizens overcome their fear of speaking with their legislators.

Andy Moore, executive director of Let’s Fix This, said the organizations’ Capitol events offer an opportunity for citizens to meet their legislators and voice their opinions in a comfortable environment.

“We’ve begun hosting these events to help people get more comfortable with engaging with their legislators and being at the Capitol,” Moore said. “Sometimes folks just need a little support and are more willing to speak up if there’s a group or a few friends with them, and that’s what we offer.”

Oklahomans are encouraged to meet at the State Capitol Building, 2300 N. Lincoln Blvd., at 9 a.m., Wednesday, March 22 in the Blue Room on the second floor.

“We’ve got some serious issues to discuss with our legislators today and they need our ideas and support now more than ever,” said Moore. “Our state needs to find new revenue sources and support public education, and legislators need to know that’s what matters to their constituents.”

For more information on the Let’s Fix This event, visit the Facebook event: Let's Fix This Capitol Days

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The Let’s Fix This organization began last legislative session with a simple idea from Andy Moore that if enough people felt encouraged to visit with their legislators, some positive changes could occur.