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We make politics interesting.

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How we work

We break it down

Each week we publish a new podcast episode (or two) that explains what happened that week in Oklahoma state government, particularly the legislature. We have a diverse set of voices that provide context, analysis, and insight that you can’t get from other sources. We also share content through our blog and on social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


we build you up

We also create and share resources and tools to help you understand and interact with Oklahoma politics and government. From a map of the Capitol to to contact information for legislators to homemade videos about how to vote and how laws are made, we’ve got the goods.

we get out there

We host events nearly every month. Sometimes they’re at the Capitol so that you can meet and speak to your legislators. Sometimes they’re in the community so that you can meet other people like you who care about our state. We have The West Wing watch parties, pub crawls, voter registration drives, public debates, fundraisers, and let’s not forget, The Election Night Show!

we move forward

We advocate for issues that affect the very fabric of our democracy. Our legislative agenda is build around the idea that elections should be fair, open and accessible to all voters, that registering to vote should be simple and automatic, and that our government should be open and transparent about how they conduct business.


“Decisions are made by those who show up.”


Ready to help?



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