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Erika & Chris

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Erika & Chris Lucas are determined to grow the innovation economy in the Heartland through entrepreneurship. They connect traditionally overlooked entrepreneurs with capital, resources and social networks. To do that, they founded StitchCrew and partnered with the OKC Thunder to launch an accelerator program because they strongly believe that most of the pressing challenges faced today will not be solved through policy or traditional mindset, but by disruptive technologies, bold entrepreneurs and open collaboration.

Erika was born and raised in Mexico and began her career facilitating the establishment and in-country operation of several international manufacturing companies. Prior to launching StitchCrew, she worked at a Private Equity Firm with investments in the U.S. and Europe. Before that she was Global Director at the Oklahoma Department of Commerce, where she helped establish the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) unit. Erika gets her energy from working with like-minded people, from managing teams and developing execution blueprints to taking out the trash, she is constantly look for ways to improve circumstances and disrupt the status quo.

Chris is devoted to bringing new concepts to market. As Co-Founder of StitchCrew, he mentors and coaches entrepreneurs on how to launch and scale a business. He is also responsible for all the operations, production and technology aspects of the company. Prior to StitchCrew, Chris orchestrated the launch and expansion of a new-to-market digital fitness club in Oklahoma City. Following his interest in technology and wellness programs, he came across Koko FitClub’s proprietary technology developed by leading exercise physiologists, MIT engineers and software developers. After meeting the founders in Boston he decided to bring the concept to market – starting with Oklahoma. As the second franchisee in the nation, Chris pioneered efforts to grow the franchise footprint, taking concept to market and facilitating the development of new franchisees across the US. Leveraging Koko’s technology, Chris founded Lift4Charity to provide an alternative to traditional fundraising while promoting a healthy lifestyle and community engagement. Through L4C, he partnered with nationally recognized non-profit organizations and Koko’s owner network to manage nationwide fundraising campaigns. During this period, Chris also worked at WeGoLook, and as part of their leadership team he helped develop organizational capacity to transition the company to a scalable business model. Previously, he served in leadership roles at Dell, the Oklahoma City RedHawks and the Oklahoma State Senate.

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