The West Wing Watch Parties

We use one of the most award-winning television shows of all time to illustrate political issues and connect them with our lives here in Oklahoma. After each episode we’re joined by a panel of experts and professionals who help strip away the Hollywood and explain how a particular aspect of government actually works out here in the real world. Entertaining, inspiring, and always educational.

Tickets are totally free, but required so we can plan for crowd size.


May 15 | “Let bartlet be bartlet”

Episode summary: The West Wing staff are feeling malaise as it seems they never get anything accomplished. Meanwhile, a leaked memo is a land mine that could embarrass the administration.

Discussion Topic: Leadership.

Panelists: TBA


august 28 | “the supremes”

Episode summary: A Supreme Court Justice dies, forcing the administration's hand on picking a desirable replacement who can be confirmed by a hostile Congress.

Discussion: We'll be joined by Oklahoma's Solicitor General for an inside look at the Supreme Court and what it's like to present a case before them.

Panelists: Oklahoma Solicitor General, Mithun Mansinghani.


novemebr 20 | “The indians in the lobby”

Episode summary: While the president frets about where to spend Thanksgiving, C.J. attends to two American Indians who refuse to leave the White House before speaking to an official.

Panelists: Our panel discussion for this episode will deviate from the usual political themes and focus instead on a true bipartisan issue: Food. We'll be joined by a few of OKC's finest local cooking experts who will serve as a real-life Butterball Hotline to answer all of your Thanksgiving meal-related questions.