Podcast: A Doctor, a Lawyer, and a Therapist Walk Into a Bar


In this episode, Scott (a doctor) and Andy (a therapist) have an unusually candid discussion about SQ788 (medical marijuana), ridiculous voter outrage, and how the issue is playing out in Oklahoma. (The lawyer couldn't make it.) Also, a brief "Pruitt Watch" segment.

News Round-Up


  • Quick recap of SQ788:
    • On June 26th, the measure passed with 57% of the vote.
    • Governor Fallin initially said she'd likely call a special session to deal with the issue, but then backed off and said she would not call it, leaving it up to the State Board of Health.
    • The State Board of Health published a set of proposed rules to guide the medical marijuana industry and accepted public comment on those rules. 
    • Then, during the BoH meeting, there were motions to recommend two additional, previously unannounced rules: (1) ban smokable marijuana and (2) require a pharmacist to be on-site at every dispensary. Both motions passed on a 5-4 vote, and Governor Fallin approved the rules the very next day.
    • Big public outcry, as you might expect.
    • Speaker McCall and Pro Tem Treat issued joint statement saying they would establish a "working group" of legislators next month to look at the issues. 
    • On 7/13, two lawsuits were filed against the Governor, legislature, and Board of Health, alleging that the five members of the BoH had a secret meeting prior to the full board meeting, which was in violation of the Open Meetings Act.
  • During the episode, Scott speaks from his personal perspective and that of a medical doctor; Andy speaks from his personal perspective. Andy argues that the some of the issues that upset supporters are misguided and distract from the larger, more pressing legal issues. Scott argues that the rules attempt to treat medical marijuana like an actual medication and people don't like that. Both Andy & Scott agree that the real issue is that SQ788 supporters actually want full recreational marijuana and therein lies the rub. 
  • Pruitt Watch - Have we seen the last of Scott Pruitt in politics? (Spoiler: probably not.)


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