Podcast Ep. 81 | BudgetWatch 2019


With less than a month 'til the end of session, we discuss rumors about the budget, the status of criminal justice reform, and Governor Stitt's use of the veto. We also curse more than usual. Earmuffs, kids. #SSGOTV.


Episode Notes


  • Most bills thru both House & Senate. Those with issues headed to conference committee.

  • Which means it’s time for...JCAB!

Budget Watch 2019:

  1. OK House Dems release their budget proposal

    1. How does this stack up against the Governor’s proposal from February?

    2. Does it really matter? (Spoiler: No.)

  2. Rumor has it that the House & Senate reportedly in agreement...which means the Governor is now the issue. (Dun dun DUUUUUN)

But also...where are we on Criminal Justice Reform?

  1. Gov. Kevin Stitt rolls out new criminal justice reform package (Tulsa World)

    1. New funding structure for DAs and courts

    2. $10m to mental health

    3. Occupational licensing

    4. Expedited commutation for offenders convicted of drug possession crimes to other felonies that are now misdemeanors

    5. Expedited process for expungements

    6. HB1269: sentence modification by courts

  2. Point of View: Moving on criminal justice reform (NewsOK)

  3. Capitol Insider: Is Judicial Reform On Stitt's Agenda? (KGOU)

In other news...

  1. Governor signs bill to make rib eye the ‘state steak of Oklahoma (KFOR)

  2. Stitt vetoes bills on hunting, #oklaed, public workers

    1. No guides on publicly managed lands

    2. No mechanism to certify new police & fire unions

    3. No “instructional expenditure”

    4. No overtime for low-paid state employees